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New Custom-made Sofas, Loveseats and Chairs

So what if you have nothing to re-upholster and you need a new sofa, loveseat, sectional or chairs?

Brentonís can custom build just what you want Ė and at a value youíll appreciate.

You pick the style Ė contemporary or traditional. Brentonís offers you the timeless elegance of the more popular loose back cushion, semi-attached back and fixed back styles in sofa, loveseat, sectional and chair variations. As well, Brentonís offers you a range of the more popular wing, club, tub and antique reproduction arm chairs. Any of Brentonís basic designs can be modified to suit your dťcor using different arm, back, cushion, skirt and leg treatments.

  Here's an exquisite example of Brenton's custom building of a unique tub chair. Note the virtually perfect pattern matching (each one of the tufted inside back panels was also individually cut to maintain the jewel-like flow of the diamond pattern throughout the design. Note also the special skirt treatment.

When Brentonís custom builds a new piece of upholstered furniture we start by having a premium quality hardwood frame custom built to your exact specifications. Then we spring it; pad it and custom upholster it as described above for reupholstery. A real plus with custom building is that you can have the dimensions, the padding and the ďfitĒ tailored to your personal preferences. As with Brentonís re-upholstery, one great reason to have Brentonís custom built your next furniture is the wide selection of fabrics you can choose from Ė youíll find just the right one. And with Brentonís quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, youíll be enjoying your Brentonís upholstered furniture for many years.

What makes the Brentonís difference?

These days a lot of mass-produced obsolescence, a lot of furniture is simply not of good quality. Construction is poor. Cheap materials are used both for the frame, padding and covering fabrics. The result?  In just a few years or months, frames break, padding collapses and fabrics show premature wear. It becomes ďthrowaway furnitureĒ.

Check and compare the difference Brentonís offers you. Good quality starts from the inside. The Brentonís difference in custom built upholstered furniture begins with the frame. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our all hardwood construction. Ordering custom furniture gives you increased freedom of choice. It offers the opportunity for you to find the best fabric and style for you, your home and your life style. With Brentonís you choose the style and the fabric of each piece. The immaculate tailoring of Brentonís upholstery is superbly fitted and pattern-matched due to the time, care and attention to detail given by our expert craftsmen. Itís obvious that our fine products are made by craftspeople who take pride in their work and pay attention to detail! Quality shows.

  Brenton's custom built this co-ordinating three piece grouping. A navy chenille was used for the sofa having a hand-folded tufted back. One chair was also done in  the tufted back design, but in a camel chenille. Another chair was done in a co-ordinating navy / camel / burgundy pattern chenille and with a loose pillow back treatment. Special skirt fringe and tassel accents (that combined the navy, camel and burgundy colours) tied the theme of the three pieces together. Note the special trim treatments on the accent pillows that added the final touch of elegance.

On a foundation of good value and friendly, personal attention, we offer our designer expertise, hand-crafted techniques, and a dazzling supply of rich fabrics and vibrant colours. Brentonís can indeed make your vision of new custom upholstered furniture a reality.

Custom upholstered furniture usually takes 4 to 10 weeks depending on how busy we are.

Brentonís custom upholstered furniture is a wise investment. Offering you quality hand built craftsmanship right here in our Cambridge workshops, dollar for dollar, youíll get better quality and value from Brentonís.

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