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Custom Reupholstery

Brentonís offers you gives you three great reasons to reupholster:

  1. Value. Generally, reupholstery is a wise investment. It usually only costs you 50% to 60% to re-upholster a good quality piece of upholstered furniture as it does to replace it with a comparable quality new piece. If the piece youíre considering is basically structurally sound and basically the style, size and shape you like (bearing in mind that most pieces can be readily restyled), then Brentonís reupholstery can give you great value. With our eclectic variety of thousands of fabrics we can find a price solution to fit your budget.
  2. Fabric selection. When you reupholster with Brentonís, you can choose from thousands and thousands of fabrics - from florals, plaids, solids, stripes and a limitless selection of other patterns Ė and in every colour and texture imaginable. One advantage of custom upholstery is the option to choose from a wealth of fabrics not available in ready-made upholstered furniture. With such a selection, you can choose one pattern for your sofa, another for occasional chairs, yet another for accent cushions and still another for draperies or other window treatment. With such choices, you can best co-ordinate your new upholstery with your draperies, carpet, paint and other dťcor features. Work with Brentonís design professionals to create the unique pieces you envision. The choices are yours.
  3. Keeping the furniture you like. An important budget item to consider is that the sizes of pieces you now have ďfitsĒ your room Ė and if you buy new, with the sizes of many newer styles, you made find it difficult to change one or two upholstered pieces without changing the size of other elements in the room. New styles today have big arms and less seating area. Moving from house to house you may find a piece just doesn't belong anymore.

Is the piece you have worth reupholstering?

To buy new or reupholster? If the frame is sound or needs only minor repair, generally a piece is worth recovering. Irreplaceable items and family heirlooms are always worth recovering. Custom upholstery gives you a freedom of choice that mass produced goods simply cannot. With custom upholstery you can retain the integrity of the pieces you love, yet update them with a distinctive new look.

  Family heirlooms are always worth recovering.

Hereís how the Brentonís reupholstery process works:

It begins with Brentonís expert design service in helping you choose just the right fabrics. Then itís generally not a matter of simply putting a new cover on.

Most often itís more a matter of remanufacturing. Unlike many upholstery shops, at Brentonís, we always strip old fabrics and old padding, getting down to the bare frame. We thoroughly inspect the integrity of the frame and springs. Any broken, cracked or loose parts are repaired and reinforced. Springs are inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary. Legs and any show wood is touched up or fully refinished, as needed. New padding, of the highest quality is cut, fitted and installed. Throughout the entire reupholstery process, Brentonís uses only the finest quality foam, felt, and other materials.

Then the new cover is expertly cut, fitted, sewn and applied. In the cutting, tailoring and fitting of the new covers, Brentonís expert craftspeople pay meticulous attention to detail in pattern matching and other important design details. In the application of the final covers, care is taken to include padding of the outside arms and backs, as well as to custom-fit full arm caps (which look great while extending the life of your upholstered pieces).

Here's a dramatic example of what Brenton's reupholstery can do for your tired furniture. This camelback sofa was given a new life, not only with a bold new fabric, but new padding and the complete restoration process described above.

If new seat cushion foam is ordered, Brentonís uses it own design of high-density Qualex foam bonded with a polyester wrap for greater comfort and longer life. New back cushions can be done in your choice of polyester-wrapped super-soft foam, down filled or the latest innovation for upholstered furniture, loose fill polyester that replicates the look and comfort of real down. The reupholstered piece Brentonís returns to you will be better than new Ė a premium quality piece of furniture that will provide many years of service in your home

Reupholstery usually takes about 10 working days to complete, once the fabric arrives and the furniture is picked up from your home.

Brentonís can redesign your upholstered furniture.

Many pieces can be redesigned to add more comfort or to update the style. Skirts can be added. Skirts can be deleted and replaced with ornate turned legs. Dated semi-attached pillow back designs can be readily updated to a more modern waterfall back design. Arm styles can be made fuller and more modern. Furniture reupholstery and redesign is a great way to change the personality of your living space.

   This distinctive and boldly striped sofa is an excellent example of redesigning a quality piece of furniture. Originally it was a tuxedo style sofa with narrow arms, skirts and overall square lines. Brenton's rounded off the arm style on the outside of the arm, added a camelback effect to the back and replaced the skirt effect with ornate turned legs.

  Here are two more prime examples of what redesigning can do for you. On the left, one of eight matching dining chairs that previously had a fully finished back with (broken) caning inserts and small seat pads. Giving the chairs a full upholstery treatment not only updated the look, but was more comfortable and cheaper than restoring the caning backs. On the right, what was formerly a stereotypical little semi-attached pillowback loveseat now done in a rich brocade fabric. We also changed the back design to a more modern waterfall treatment, added more fullness throughout and a very special treatment of a matching fringe skirt and tassel accents.

We enjoy working with customers, helping to redesign your well loved old furniture to give it new life. We can change details such as changing the shape of an arm, the depth of a cushion or the height of a seat. We can update a pieceís style. We can make it more comfortable (i.e. adding lumbar support). Our competitive prices make redesign a great value option.

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