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Youíre invited to come take a look at our showroom and workrooms in Cambridge. In an age of mass production and indifference to customers, Brentonís cares both about its quality and your satisfaction as a customer. Our customers are friends who we welcome into our workshop studio. You can watch furniture being built and see the craftsmanship and fine materials involved.

Come watch the process of your furniture being made!

Furniture is only as good as the people who build it and Brentonís people are among the best. Brentonís is committed to excellence and offers you a much higher standard of quality in finish, attention to detail and care given to aspects usually overlooked by other shops. Brentonís craftspeople have the polished skills and experienced knowledge to ensure you get the finest quality design, construction and value. Brentonís craftspeople take the time, skill and attention to detail to do the job right. As furniture specialists, our craftsmen know there are no shortcuts to enduring quality.

So, to help you get started with ideas and estimates for that new project Ė whether itís a simple chair or a whole room full of furnishings - Brentonís invites you to visit both its showrooms and its workshops at 145 George Street in Cambridge. Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 (not open Saturdays during summer months).

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